An Egg on a dill plant

2 cats on a dill plant

Two crysalis

Chrysalis taped to Qtips in emergence position

Our VERY FIRST Black Swallowtail!

Our 2nd emergence

2nd Swallowtail


And flying away

3rd Swallowtail

#2 Outside

Having a Butterfly sitting on you finger is a wonderful feeling!

He sat here overnight before flying away

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This Little Goldfinch REALLY wanted in our house!
For Two days it tried ALL day to get through our picture window.
We thought maybe it wanted the crystal in the window, but when we
replaced it with a BIG FROG it kept trying!

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We don't think the one on the left is a wild one!  :)

Jessie took this pic in our back yard June 11th

YEP!  It's tame alright!  :)  This one was June 15th

A can of  bunny food and carrots.

But as of June 20... he has apparently moved on.  We haven't seen "Spot" for a few days now.  :(

June 24 --- We saw the bunny in our yard, but he ran next door.  BIG doggies live next door.  COME BACK BUNNY!!!! (Now Bon Bon)

Bon Bon is the tiny white dot in the middle of the picture.

June 24 - Our First Monarch Sighting and EGG! 

She's laying an egg on one of the MANY milkweed plants in our garden. We raise Milkweed for the Monarchs each year... collect the eggs... raise the caterpillars and release the butterfies.  They have a much higher survival rate when we give them a safe home to grow up in.  Unfortunately, Monarchs are on the decline due in part to deforestation of their wintering grounds in Mexico, and the use of weedkillers in farm fields which kill off their only breeding plant ... the milkweed.  :(

The egg is the tiny white spot in the upper center of the flower bud I am holding.  We'll try to follow our first baby through the year in pictures, and post them here as it grows up.  :)



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  Hatchlings In A Grapevine 
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It's been a long time since we've had temps like these! This is our second 100 of the year .. and it's only JUNE!
I'm sure glad I put up the POOL!!!!!!!!!

Did it again ... this makes THREE!

(Temperature from

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(Riders In The Sky)