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My Style Breeding Chart at bottom of page

If you look carefully, all 21 fish are in the tank above.  Catching all of them in a picture at one time is pretty tricky!  Can you find them all???

Below are individual pictures of each of the 21 Perfect Fish.   They illustrate each of the 21 body types and 21 fin types that are used in Fish Tycoon to create over 400 different fish!     And then a BREEDING CHART

Below that are 21 pictures of their 'family trees'.   All fish in Fish Tycoon can be breed in a variety of ways, but the 21 perfect fish, when breed with themselves, will produce only other perfect fish. (that section is not up yet)

Thanks to sfrose and the Fish Tycoon Forum for the idea to do this page!




It took me a while to notice that my other two breeding charts do not line up correctly to produce prefect fish, so I have revised and combined the two into a Perfect Fish Chart.  This Chart also breaks down to either just Bodies or just Fins, to use it for cross breeding, too.

 PINK is first breeding BLUE is sceond breeding,  Tourquise is Third breeding Orange is forth breeding
The Pictures of the fish click open to show the game statistics screen for that fish

The three fish/fins below are pure breed, and will make healthy babies in a new tank 1. First cross the  three fish  on left with each other to produce those below.

(Individual body and fin charts are on the breeding charts page)

  2. Next cross the ones in pink back to the first generation in yellow, to breed six of the additional nine.   Then the last three in Turquoise, and the turquoise below
  result of pink row x GREENFIN Beta
result from pink row x TWINFIN Spotanus
result from pink row x SILKY Shark
Greenfin Beta

(eggs or Twinfins Spotanus / Spined Stickfish cross)
Greenfin  x Twinfins= Flagged Bananafish
  Greatsail Pigmy
mom is beta/greenfin
to Banana/flagged
Mom is Banana/flagged
to Spotanus/twinfin
Oriental Flashfish
mom is Bananafish/flagged
to Silky Shark
Silky Shark

found in eggs
Silky x  Greenfin=
Orange Fruitfish
mom is Fruitfish/orange
to beta/greenfin
Speckled Fruitfish
Moms is Fruitfish/Orange
to Spotanus/twinfin
Pink Fatfish
mom is Silky/Shark
to Fruitfish/Orange
Twinfin Spotanus

found in eggs
Twinfin x  Silky=
Golden Goldbulb
  Stubby Grouper
mom is goldbulb/golden
to beta/greenfin
Raxorback- Carp
mom is Spotanus/twinfin
to goldbulb/golden
Snubbed Snooper
mom is shark/silky
to goldbulb/golden
                                                            3. Cross the ones in blue on left below, back to the first generation in yellow, as per the chart below, and do the three above in turquoise
        result in blue x SILKY
  Stubby Grouper
    Wasp Goldshark
mom is Grouper/stubby
to Silky Shark
  Razorback Carp
    Canary Firearrow
mom is Carp/razorback
to Silky Shark
  Snubbed  Snooper
    Hornet Arrowfish
mom is Snooper/snubbed
to Silky Shark
                                                                 4. Cross the ones in turquoise back to the first generation in yellow as per chart
      fin in turquoise  x  TWINFIN
fin in turquoise x SILKY
  Canary Firearrow
    ****Fanned Snout
  Hornet Arrowfish
  ****Crimson Comet
****Tiger Catfat

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